Annual Statement of Compliance with the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework


The Department of Finance is committed to the safety and wellbeing of children and to creating and maintaining a child safe organisation.

We have a zero-tolerance approach to child exploitation and abuse, and we are committed to promoting and maintaining a culture that provides a safe environment for children.

We recognise that all adults share the responsibility of preventing exploitation and abuse, so Finance requires the commitment, support and cooperation of all individuals who help deliver our services.

As a Commonwealth government agency, Finance is committed to the whole-of-government Commonwealth Child Safe Framework  (CCSF).

As part of our commitment, the Department of Finance:

  • undertakes an annual risk assessment to evaluate the risk of harm to children and young people, and has strategies in place to manage those risks
  • will establish a training and compliance regime to ensure staff are aware of, and comply with, our child safety requirements
  • will adopt and implement the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.

The role of Finance is to assist the Australian Government to achieve its fiscal and policy objectives by advising on expenditure, managing sustainable public sector resourcing, driving public sector transformation and delivering efficient cost-effective services to, and for, government.

Finance’s contact with children primarily occurs through our Career Starter Program for Australians who completed, or are completing their Year 12 Certificate.

Finance staff understand the important and specific role they play in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the children and young people taking part in programs provided by Finance, including the legal obligation to report any real or suspected instances of grooming or abuse of a minor to police as soon as practicable.

Annual risk assessment

Finance has undertaken a risk assessments of our operations in 2023. Control measures are in place to ensure we both operationalise our commitment to the safety and protection of children and young people, and meet our obligations under the Commonwealth Child Safe Framework.

Finance’s overarching residual risk rating in 2023 is low.

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