APS Employee Census

2020 APS Employee Census Results

The APS employee census collects information on important workforce issues, such as job satisfaction, employee engagement, performance management, leadership and general impressions of the APS.

Finance’s agency-level highlights report in PDF and accessible Excel format, contains a summary of employee census results across areas such as engagement, wellbeing, leadership, and performance management, as well as specific measures related to COVID-19.

Finance has continued to compare well to the broader APS, particularly around the indicators of engagement and wellbeing.  The results reflect that Finance staff are highly committed, capable and engaged. The three areas which we committed to focus on following the 2019 Census - Flexible Working Arrangements, Individual and Organisational Performance, and Drive improvements and engagement at the local level - also recorded strong improvements in the 2020 results.

For more detail about interpreting, benchmarking and comparing the results, we recommend visiting the APSC’s census landing page and reading the explanatory guide for more technical information.


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