Legal Services Expenditure 2016-2017

Paragraph 11.1(ba) of the Legal Services Directions 2017 requires that, by 30 October each year, entities make publicly available records of the legal services expenditure for the previous financial year.


The Department of Finance’s total external legal expenditure (GST exclusive) for 2016-17 was as follows:

  Professional Fees Counsel Disbursements Total
Department of Finance (excluding Comcover) $9,558,915.19 $35,718.34 $292,347.22 $9,886,980.75
Comcover* $20,373,716.56 $4,895,583.72 $1,967,833.11 $27,237,133.39
Department of Finance – Total External $29,932,631.75 $4,931,302.06 $2,260,180.33 $37,124,114.14

*Comcover is the Australian Government's general insurance fund and provides insurance and risk management services to Australian Government Departments and entities.  Comcover is managed by the Department of Finance.


The Department of Finance’s internal legal expenditure for 2016-17 was $1,637,898.67.

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