Connecting with local suppliers on Australian Government procurement and contracting opportunities

Selling to Government

Finance’s Selling to Government website provides information to support businesses understand how to participate in Australian Government procurement and contracting opportunities, including:

  • where to find opportunities to sell to the Australian Government
  • what rules and processes Australian Government organisations follow when procuring goods and services
  • how to respond to an approach to market, and
  • what to expect if you are awarded a contract.

Finance also hosts and participates in a range of outreach events across Australia, aimed at engaging with businesses, often in partnership with other public sector organisations, industry sectors and business intermediaries. This includes hosting in-person and virtual webinars for industry sectors, business groups and regional businesses on how to discover, compete for and win Australian Government contracts.

As part of these activities, Finance recently attended the Canberra Small Business Expo at EPIC on 9 May 2024 alongside other Australian Government and ACT Government agencies.

This outreach is a great opportunity to connect with local businesses, industry organisations and service providers and share information on Australian Government procurement and contracting processes and opportunities.

If you have an event you would like Finance to come along to, please reach out via

If you are interested in supplying to the Australian Government, visit to find out more.

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