Commonwealth ClauseBank is now live

ClauseBank is Live

The Department of Finance has developed the ClauseBank in response to Recommendation 5 of the Joint Select Committee on Government Procurement report, Buying into our Future: Review of amendments to the Commonwealth Procurement Rules (29 June 2017).

The Commonwealth Contracting Suite (CCS), which is mandatory for most non-ICT procurements valued up to $200,000 and may be used in contracts valued up to $1 million, provides standard terms and conditions to ensure consistency and ease of use for businesses contracting with government.

The new ClauseBank builds on the CCS by including a range of optional contract clauses for use in higher value contracts. The clauses were drafted to reduce complexity for suppliers.

Following public consultation, the first twelve (12) clauses are now available for use. I encourage all contract drafters to review these clauses and use them as and when appropriate.

We’d like to take the opportunity to thank both Commonwealth agencies and industry for their input to date on the ClauseBank, it has been a genuinely collaborative effort.

Although the public consultation round has closed, there will be further opportunities to add clauses as we expand the Clausebank in the future. My team is keen for your ongoing suggestions. Please email us at

Commonwealth ClauseBank PDF | DOCX

For reference, here is a link to all current CCS Contract Terms.

Nicholas Hunt
First Assistant Secretary

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