4 February 2022


Data and Digital Ministers held their first quarterly meeting for 2022 today by videoconference.

The following Ministers attended the meeting:

  • The Hon Stuart Robert MP (Commonwealth)
  • The Hon Victor Dominello MP (New South Wales)
  • The Hon Danny Pearson MP(Victoria)
  • The Hon Leeanne Enoch MP (Queensland)
  • The Hon Stephen Dawson MLC (Western Australia)
  • The Hon David Pisoni MP (South Australia)
  • The Hon Michael Ferguson MP (Tasmania)
  • Mr Chris Steel MLA (Australian Capital Territory)
  • The Hon Dr David Clark (New Zealand)

Ministers welcomed the Hon Stephen Dawson MLC as the new ministerial representative for Western Australia, following his appointment as Minister for Innovation and ICT.

Digital identity

Ministers agreed to work towards a world-first national trusted digital identity system. An interoperable national system will enable citizens to quickly and easily verify their identity when accessing government services online, such as applying for a licence or Tax File Number.

Integration of COVID-19 digital vaccination certificates and booster vaccinations

Ministers welcomed national integration of COVID-19 digital vaccination certificates into check-in apps, following release of the ServiceWA app this month. More than 11 million Australians have linked their digital vaccination certificate with a state or territory check-in app.

On booster vaccinations, Ministers welcomed enhancements to the Australian Immunisation Register released this month. Digital certificates now display booster doses. Updates to the register will also allow booster notifications to be sent to eligible Australians via myGov and surface mail.

Where possible, Ministers agreed to enhance citizen experience through a nationally consistent approach to managing digital vaccination certificates, including any future changes to certificates in response to emerging health advice.

Increasing alignment in ICT procurement

Ministers agreed increased collaboration between jurisdictions on ICT procurement will unlock significant benefits for government and citizens, including cost efficiencies and better service delivery. Jurisdictions also noted the opportunity to leverage more than 4,000 suppliers offering services on the Australian Government Digital Marketplace for their individual procurement needs.

Technical capabilities built in response to COVID-19

Ministers discussed progress on building a national picture of technical responses to COVID-19.  Shared lessons and insights will support preparedness for future national crises.

2022 work plan

Ministers agreed their 2022 work plan with continued commitment to take forward three strategic priorities:

1.    Delivering a seamless digital identity and verifiable credential experience for citizens
2.    Reforming cross-jurisdictional data and digital platforms, services and protocols
3.    Transforming services around life events.

New Zealand is not a party to this communiqué.

Information on the Data and Digital Ministers Meeting, including previous meeting communiqués, can be found at www.pmc.gov.au/public-data/data-and-digital-ministers-meeting.

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