31 July 2020

31 JULY 2020

Australian Data and Digital Council Ministers met today (by teleconference), continuing their monthly meeting cycle, to discuss data and digital transformation and shared challenges arising from the coronavirus pandemic.
The following Ministers attended the meeting:

  • The Hon Stuart Robert MP (Commonwealth)
  • The Hon Victor Dominello MP (New South Wales)
  • The Hon Danny Pearson MP (Victoria)
  • The Hon Dave Kelly MLA (Western Australia)
  • The Hon Michael Ferguson MP (Tasmania)

Access to accurate information to better support coronavirus recovery efforts

Jurisdictions continue to work to unlock important data to assist in Australia’s recovery from the dual health and economic crises we are facing. Establishing an evidence-based understanding of emerging issues across jurisdictions will enable all governments to better work together to improve Australia’s recovery and response. This will be particularly important to support the National Cabinet’s job making agenda.

Collaboration on digital identity activities

Ministers continue to work towards a consistent approach for digital identity across Australia. Ministers agreed to the development of a National Digital Identity Roadmap as part of the ADDC’s commitment to pursue alignment to the Trusted Digital Identity Framework. Taking a national approach will:

  • ensure consistency and interoperability across jurisdictions on digital identity verification
  • support the ability for commonly held digital identities to be re-used across jurisdictions, and
  • provide better, more convenient experiences for people and businesses interacting with government and across government boundaries.

Digital inclusion for all Australians

Ensuring no one is left behind by the digital divide continues to be an area of focus, with Ministers agreeing that while emerging digital technologies and services present significant opportunity to improve the lives of all Australians, many are missing out on the everyday opportunities that technology provides.

Information on the Australian Data and Digital Council, including previous meeting communiqués, can be found at www.pmc.gov.au/ADDC

The Australian Data and Digital Council is currently under review following National Cabinet’s agreement to the formation of the National Federation Reform Council and the cessation of the COAG model on 29 May 2020. Further details can be found in the Prime Minister’s press conference and statement.

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