29 September 2023


The following Data and Digital Ministers met today by videoconference.

  • Senator the Hon Katy Gallagher (Commonwealth)
  • The Hon Jihad Dib MP (New South Wales)
  • The Hon Danny Pearson MP (Victoria)
  • The Hon Mark Bailey MP (Queensland)
  • The Hon Stephen Dawson MLC (Western Australia)
  • The Hon Andrea Michaels MP (South Australia)
  • The Hon Madeleine Ogilvie MP (Tasmania)
  • Mr Chris Steel MLA (Australian Capital Territory)
  • The Hon Ngaree Ah Kit MLA (Northern Territory)

The Hon Clare O’Neil MP (Commonwealth) also attended the meeting.

Women’s safety

Ministers are supporting data-driven implementation of the National Plan to End Violence against Women and Children 2022-32. Ministers agreed to develop nationally consistent data on family and domestic violence services, in collaboration with Women and Women’s Safety Ministers. Nationally consistent and shared data will support better decisions about services planning and delivery and lead to better and lasting outcomes for all people accessing these services.

Review of the Intergovernmental Agreement on Data Sharing

The Intergovernmental Agreement on Data Sharing enshrines a commitment of all governments to share public sector data by default, where it can be done securely, safely, lawfully and ethically. The agreement recognises data as a shared national asset vital to delivering outstanding policies for Australians. Following review of the Agreement, ministers agreed it was important to increase awareness and understanding of the Agreement and continue to uplift data maturity across all jurisdictions.

Artificial Intelligence

Ministers agreed to continue working towards a nationally consistent approach to the safe and ethical use of artificial intelligence by governments. Ministers agreed principles which commit jurisdictions to collaborate, align approaches to ethical use of artificial intelligence by governments and continually improve in response to technological developments.

Australia’s Digital ID

Ministers remain committed to a national Digital ID system. Ministers noted public consultation on proposed Commonwealth Digital ID legislation opened on 18 September. Ministers noted this work has been in train for a number of years and supported progression of Commonwealth legislation. Ministers noted the value in reducing the need for individuals to share personal information and reinforced the importance of ensuring strong public trust in a national system.

Cyber security

Ministers discussed six shields to address cyber security threats.

The 2023 Australian Indigenous Voice referendum

Data and Digital Ministers unanimously support constitutional recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and listening to them to achieve practical outcomes to close the gap.

New Zealand is not a party to this communiqué.

Information on the Data and Digital Ministers Meeting, including previous meeting communiqués, can be found at www.finance.gov.au/government/public-data/data-and-digital-ministers-meeting.

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