2 April 2020

2 APRIL 2020

Today, the Australian Data and Digital Council Ministers met (by teleconference) to discuss challenges arising from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The following Commonwealth, State and Territory Ministers attended the meeting:

  • The Hon Stuart Robert MP (Commonwealth)
  • The Hon Victor Dominello MP (New South Wales) 
  • The Hon Dave Kelly MP (Western Australia)
  • The Hon Michael Ferguson MP (Tasmania)
  • The Hon Lauren Moss MLA (Northern Territory)
  • Parliamentary Secretary, Danny Pearson MP (Victoria)

COVID-19 is the largest disruptive event the world has seen in some time and attending Ministers collectively agreed to work together where possible to assist with digital and data driven response efforts.  
The social distancing measures in place to keep us safe are placing unmatched pressure on digital platforms and systems which continue to experience huge surges from people interacting with government and each other online.

Government services, traditionally delivered face to face, are simply no longer appropriate. Instead, governments must ramp up online services rapidly, develop platforms delivering real-time information to people and businesses where and when they need it; while ensuring the most vulnerable in our society get the support they need.

Ministers identified three shared challenges in the current environment:

  • Data sharing between agencies and jurisdictions
  • Upholding cyber security standards in a rapidly shifting service delivery environment
  • Leveraging digital identity efforts across jurisdictions.

Ministers agreed to prioritise addressing these challenges in a collaborative way.

Ministers also acknowledged that across the Federation there are multiple efforts of collaboration and noted the importance of the National Cabinet in resolving shared data challenges.

Ministers agreed to meet again in four weeks’ time.

Information on the Australian Data and Digital Council, including previous meeting communiqués, can be found at www.pmc.gov.au/ADDC

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