Future Phases

Phase 3 – Professional Contractor Services

Phase 3 of the People Panel (Professional Contractor Services) is under development.  

The Department of Finance’s Annual Procurement Plan (APP) provides the estimated approach to market date for Phase 3 Professional Contractor Services. 

You can view the APP through the following link:  Annual Procurement Plan List: AusTender 

The scope of services for Professional Contractor Services will be made following stakeholder engagement activities.

Professional Contractor definition

A Professional Contractor is defined as a person who:

  • performs a specialised role for a short and fixed-term
  • is personnel of the service provider
  • are not contingent workers
  • performs the services from the entity’s premises and under general direction of the entity
  • have hourly rates that are negotiated by reference to prevailing industry hourly rates
  • may create deliverables/tasks, but those deliverables/tasks do not represent the independent review of the service provider
  • hold requisite qualifications and licenses in their chosen field of work, and bring relevant industry experience to the role. 

Out of Scope Services

  • Technical ICT Categories (Digital Marketplace)
  • Resources and construction (industrial, agricultural, infrastructure, mining, forestry, fisheries, maritime, meatworkers, manufacturing, textiles, building)
  • Military engineering
  • Statutory appointments
  • Non-statutory appointments
  • Learning and development  
  • Other WoAG coordinated procurement arrangements
  • Consultants as defined in RMG243 
  • Specialist security/intelligent operators
  • Labour Hire Services
  • Medical/Dental/Allied health professionals
  • Scientists

Note: Other exclusions may be identified prior to release of the request for tender. 

Further information on the Phase 3 will be made available as it progresses.


Potential tenderers can register as a user on AusTender for freeto receive notifications on procurement opportunitiesand to respond to opportunities. For detailed tips and advice, please visit the Become a Registered User page on the AusTender Help and Information Centre site.

The below sections of the Selling to Government website also provide further information on identifying opportunities to sell to the Australian Government, and how to respond to an Approach To Market:

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