Now you can compare data across Government

The Transparency Portal (the Portal) is your gateway to finding out information about the performance of Australian Government entities and companies that are governed under the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013. Here you can find all performance reporting information including annual reports, corporate plans and Parliamentary Budget Statements.

The Portal also features a new centralised data repository containing key information drawn from annual reports, which provides a searchable database of information including:

  • accountable authorities/governing boards of all Commonwealth entities and companies
  • remuneration statistics
  • the number of staff in all entities as of 30 June each year, including information on gender, location, classification and salary levels
  • details on actual expenditure on consultancy and non-consultancy contracts, including details of those organisations receiving the top 5 shares of expenditure in each non-corporate Commonwealth entity
  • key financial reporting information
  • audit committee membership.

Information can be viewed for one entity or multiple entities across multiple years. For example, you can search for all ongoing or non-ongoing staff, by location in all entities over the past 3 years.

You can also visualise the available data sets by downloading them as tables, charts or graphs so that complex and high-volume information is easier to consume, more accessible and transparent.

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