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Sustainable Procurement Model Clauses contained in the Sustainable Procurement Guide

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Commonwealth Sustainable Procurement Advocacy and Resource Centre (C-SPARC), Environment Protection Division, Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water.

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National Waste Policy Action Plan

Sustainable Procurement Guide

Sustainable Procurement Toolkit


Australia has the opportunity to make best use of our waste resources by recycling them to create new products, and the Australian Government has committed to significantly increasing the use of recycled content. Recycling creates jobs, keeps waste out of landfill, reduces our use of raw resources and helps protect the environment for future generations.

If you procure for a non-corporate Commonwealth entity, you must comply with the Commonwealth Procurement Rules.  Under paragraph 4.5 of the Commonwealth Procurement Rules, when assessing value for money you must consider environmental sustainability where relevant. This includes the use of recycled content.  The Sustainable Procurement Guide provides practical steps on how to apply environmental sustainability to your procurements.


The Sustainable Procurement model clauses are located in Appendix D of the Sustainable Procurement Guide - Sustainable Procurement Guide


Use of the model clauses is optional and will depend on the nature of the contract, including subject matter, value and location. Standardisation of contractual text results in efficiencies for both parties to a contract. Use of these clauses is recommended to adhere to the National Waste Policy and for greater sustainability impact. 

The model clauses include guidance on the circumstances when a clause may be applicable to a procurement and guidance on ideal tender responses.

Where an entity develops its own clauses or modifies these clauses, the entity should ensure that it meets the requirements of the Sustainable Procurement Guide. If in doubt, please seek advice from the C-SPARC team. 

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