One step closer to rolling out Digital ID

Digital ID update

The Digital ID Program has reached another big milestone with the release of the Senate Standing Committee on Economics’ report on the Digital ID Bill 2023.

Digital ID is a critical capability and is one of the ways the Government is keeping Australians safe from cybercrime.

This report is a step closer to rolling out Digital ID economy-wide to provide an option for people to do the things they need to do online, more easily and securely.

The Digital ID Bill, if passed by the Parliament, will put in place the legislative framework to create an economy-wide Digital ID system in Australia, ensuring there are strong privacy and security safeguards for people who choose to use Digital ID with an accredited provider.

In addition to the Committee’s report, a number of recommendations were made in the Dissenting Reports. The Government will consider the recommendations before finalising the draft legislation for Parliament.

You can read the Committee’s report and Dissenting Reports here.

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