Statutory declarations go digital

Creating a Commonwealth statutory declaration just got easier. You can now use myGov to create a Commonwealth statutory declaration with a digital ID, without needing a witness.

This means that you no longer need to travel to find an approved witness and having to create and sign a paper-based declaration making it simpler and quicker to create statutory declarations for things like insurance or superannuation claims, visa applications and legal evidence.

Watch this video to learn more about digital Commonwealth statutory declarations in myGov. You can still complete and sign a Commonwealth statutory declaration the way you always have, with a witness, if you wish.

Recent changes to the law have enabled this important reform which is expected to save Australians $156 million in time and costs each year.

This work is the culmination of a partnership between the Department of Finance, Attorney-General’s Department and Services Australia and is an example of how we are leading cross-Government policy reforms.

For more information on Commonwealth statutory declarations, please see the Attorney-General’s Department’s website.

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