Commercial and Government Services

Quarantine Infrastructure Delivery (Commercial and Government Services): Andrew Jaggers PSM
Phone: 02 6215 3853

Commercial and Government Services provides advice on the Australian Government's Government Business Enterprises (GBEs) and commercial entities, manages the domestic non-Defence property portfolio and undertakes the review and reform of such assets including divestment, where relevant. It also develops and maintains the Australian Government's procurement policy framework (including the initiation and management of a range of whole of government contracts), and manages the Australian government's special claims, insurance and risk management operations.

Andrew Jaggers PSM
Quarantine Infrastructure Delivery (Commercial and Government Services)

Commercial Investments

A/g First Assistant Secretary : Carly Makin
Phone: 02 6215 2825

Commercial Investments Division provides policy and commercial advice and services in relation to significant investments by the Commonwealth, including major infrastructure investment programs, as well as managing the Commonwealth’s multibillion dollar shareholding in its Government Business Enterprises. The work of the Division includes:

  • Commercial investment and governance policy development and advice.
  • Managing major infrastructure investment programs totalling $76 billion across the transport, energy, communications and defence sectors.
  • Complex commercial negotiations including merger & acquisition (M&A) transactions, funding and financing arrangements, major procurements and asset sales.
  • Shareholder oversight for ASC Pty Ltd, Australian Naval Infrastructure Pty Ltd, Defence Housing Australia, Australian Postal Corporation, NBN Co Limited, Snowy Hydro Limited, Australian Rail Track Corporation Limited, Moorebank Intermodal Company Limited and WSA Co Limited.


Commercial Policy and Advice

Commercial Policy and Advice Head: Cameron Jose
Phone: 02 6215 3142

Commercial Policy and Advice Branch (CPAB) is responsible for the Commonwealth Investment Framework (the Framework). The purpose of the Framework is to assist departments and agencies to develop and deliver non-grant investments to support the Government’s policy agenda.

CPAB also manages the Commonwealth Government Business Enterprises Governance and Oversight Guidelines (GBE Guidelines), and provides advice on commercial investments and governance policy development.

Communications and Energy Investments

A/g Assistant Secretary: Rudy Alcantara
Phone: 02 6215 3167

Communications and Energy Investments Branch (CEIB) has responsibility for the shareholder oversight of Government Business Enterprises (GBEs) in the Communications and Energy sectors.  This includes: the Australian Postal Corporation (Australia Post), NBN Co Limited and Snowy Hydro Limited.

CEIB also advises Government on investments and the delivery of major projects in these sectors, such as Snowy 2.0 and the rollout of the National Broadband Network.

Defence Investments

Assistant Secretary: Sacha De Re
Phone: 02 6215 2643

Defence Investments Branch (DIB) provides support to the Minister for Finance in his role as Shareholder for the Government Business Enterprises (GBEs) associated with the Defence portfolio. These GBEs are ASC Pty Ltd (ASC) – as the sole shareholder; Australian Naval Infrastructure Pty Ltd (ANI) – as a joint shareholder with the Minister for Defence; and Defence Housing Australia (DHA) – as a joint shareholder with the Minister for Defence Personnel.

DIB also advise Government on the delivery of naval shipbuilding infrastructure projects being delivered by ANI, such as the Osborne South Redevelopment and the Osborne North Redevelopment, and provides advice to Government on implementation and progress of the Government’s Naval Shipbuilding Plan.

Transport Infrastructure Investments

A/g Assistant Secretary: Rachel Figurski
Phone: 02 6215 2324

Transport Infrastructure Investments Branch (TIIB) manages the Commonwealth’s commercial investments in the transport infrastructure sector. TIIB provides shareholder oversight for Government Business Enterprises (GBEs) including the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC), Moorebank Intermodal Company, and WSA Co limited.  

TIIB also advise Government on the delivery of major projects being delivered by these GBEs, such as Inland Rail and Western Sydney Airport.

Property and Construction

First Assistant Secretary: Nick McClintock
Phone: 02 6215 2896

Property and Construction is responsible for:

  • Providing advice and support to the Government and officials in relation to the Commonwealth Property Management Framework, the Lands Acquisition Act 1989, the Public Works Committee Act 1969 and the Commonwealth Property Disposal Policy.
  • Supporting the Government's agenda to efficiently deliver and manage publicly funded services and assets, including rationalising surplus office leases and coordinated procurement arrangements for property services.
  • Leading, in partnership with relevant agencies, key strategic capital works projects.
  • Ensuring that Finance-owned property portfolio is efficiently and effectively managed and supports Government policy, including acquisition and divestment of real property, whole of life asset management and land remediation.

APS Net Zero Unit

Assistant Secretary: Matt Whitfort
Phone: 02 6215 3373

The Branch is responsible for the Government’s policy for the Australian Public Service to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2030. This includes policy development, guidance and advice to support Australian Government agencies to measure, report and reduce the emissions from their operations.

The Branch is also responsible for policy development and implementation of the Government’s policy to apply appropriately tailored climate-related disclosure requirements to Commonwealth public sector corporate entities and investment funds that are comparable to large businesses and financial institutions.

Policy, Data and Legislation

A/g Assistant Secretary: Rachel Figurski
Phone: 02 6215 2324

The Policy, Data and Legislation Branch is responsible for policy, guidance and advice on whole-of-government property policy and legislation. This includes the Commonwealth Property Management Framework (RMG 500), the Lands Acquisition Framework(RMG 501), Commonwealth Property Disposal Policy, and the Lands Acquisition Act 1989 and Public Works Committee Act 1969.

The Branch administers relevant matters under the Australian Capital Territory (Planning and Land Management) Act 1988 relating to National Land and Crown leasing, and sections 69 and 70 of the Northern Territory (Self Government) Act 1978 relating to Commonwealth land in the Northern Territory.

The Branch collects, analyses and reports on Commonwealth property data, including managing the Australian Government Property Register and producing the Australian Government Office Occupancy Report.

The Branch is also responsible for major capital works planning, undertaking remediation projects on behalf of the Commonwealth and divestment of property in accordance with the Commonwealth Property Disposal Policy .

Property Management & Projects

Assistant Secretary: Kylie Dennis
Phone: 02 6215 3188

The branch is responsible for the delivery of major capital infrastructure projects, including the Centres for National Resilience in Vic, Qld and WA .

The Branch is responsible for whole of life property asset management and related advice to Australian Government agencies. Whole of life property asset management involves:

  • asset creation through land acquisition and delivery as requested by Government;
  • ongoing management of the Finance owned estate, and implementation of conservation strategies.

Finance's property portfolio is diverse, including the Commonwealth law courts and various special purpose properties such as the Ben Chifley Building, Australia's Post-entry Quarantine Facility, the Royal Australian Mint building, Treasury Building and John Gorton Building. Finance is assisted by its Property Service Provider in delivering a minor capital works program to ensure strategic and effective ongoing management of maintenance of the Finance owned estate.

The Branch also manages and reports on the Property Special Account.

Whole of Government Property Services

A/g Assistant Secretary: Elliot Zwangobani
Phone: 02 6215 2399

The Branch manages the Whole-of-Government Property Services Coordinated Procurement (PSCP) Arrangements that cover leasing and facilities management services for Commonwealth domestic office accommodation and shopfronts.

The Arrangements improve the efficiency of property services across the Commonwealth and maximise value for money by consolidating the Commonwealth's purchasing power.

There are two parts to the PSCP Arrangements:

  • a Strategic Property Adviser to develop and maintain a Whole-of-Australian-Government Leasing Strategy; and
  • Property Service Providers to deliver leasing and facilities management services to participating entities.

The Branch also manages the Lease Endorsement process under RMG 500.

Procurement and Insurance

First Assistant Secretary : Andrew Danks
Phone: 02 6215 3996

Procurement and Insurance Division is responsible for:

  • providing advice and guidance to the Government on the procurement policy framework
  • managing AusTender, the Government's centralised procurement information and e-tendering system
  • providing technical advice to support government procurement elements of international trade negotiations
  • coordinated procurement contracting arrangements for whole of government procurement including travel, motor vehicle leasing, advertising and stationery and office supplies
  • Comcover and risk management policy
  • administering discretionary financial assistance through the Government’s special claims mechanism.

Procurement and Discretionary Payments

Assistant Secretary: Gareth Sebar
Phone: 02 6215 3516

The Procurement and Discretionary Payments Branch is responsible for the Commonwealth Procurement Rules and related guidance. The branch delivers procurement policy development, provision of advice to the Government on the procurement policy framework and international trade negotiations on government procurement, and manages AusTender – the central procurement information and e-tendering system; and GrantConnect – the grant information system. The branch administers the act of grace and waivers of Commonwealth debts schemes, and provides policy advice on the Scheme for Compensation for Detriment caused by Defective Administration (the CDDA Scheme).

Risk and Insurance

Assistant Secretary: Rachel Antone
Phone: 02 6251 3382

The Risk and Insurance Branch delivers policies, guidance and professional services in respect of the Australian Government’s risk management and insurance operations. The branch is responsible for Comcover, the Government’s self-managed insurance fund and the risk management policy. The branch also supports best practice risk management across the Government through risk management advice and education services to entities.

Strategic Contracting

Assistant Secretary: Kristina Hopkins
Phone: 02 6215 2742

The Strategic Contracting Branch is responsible for establishing and managing non-ICT Whole of Australian Government (WoAG) procurement arrangements for a variety of goods and services, and setting associated polices. These arrangements deliver savings and efficiencies to agencies and reduce the cost of tendering for both entities and industry. The WoAG arrangements managed by the branch are:

National Security Office Precinct Project

First Assistant Secretary: Grant Lovelock
Phone: 02 6215 3204

National Security Office Precinct Project

Assistant Secretary: David Muldoon
Phone: 02 6215 2090

The National Security Office Precinct Project is responsible for the planning and delivery of the National Security Office Precinct at York Park in Barton, ACT. The Precinct will provide a permanent solution to the critical accommodation and capability requirements of several national security and other Commonwealth agencies.

As an enabling project to the Precinct's development, a multi-level car park will be constructed adjacent to the John Gorton Building in Parkes, ACT.

Further information on the project is available on the Finance website, general enquiries on the Project should be directed to