Commonwealth Investment Framework

Australian Government investments that utilise the Commonwealth balance sheet are integral to achieving policy objectives that stimulate productivity, drive economic growth, deliver critical infrastructure and provide important services for Australian citizens, businesses and communities.

The Commonwealth Investment Framework (the Framework) has been developed to support the Australian Government in ensuring realisation of the benefit of these investments for Australian citizens, businesses and communities.

The Framework is built on the following overarching principles:

overarching principles

There are many examples of this type of investment across the Commonwealth including: the National Broadband Network, Inland Rail, the Northern Australia Infrastructure Facility, Regional Investment Corporation, National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation, Underwriting New Generation Investments program, the Future Fund, Clean Energy Finance Corporation and Snowy 2.0 and the Australian Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific.

The Framework also provides guidance on where it is appropriate, viable and beneficial to involve the private sector in investments to achieve Government’s objectives efficiently and effectively.


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