Cooperative Procurement

Cooperative procurement enables the use of a procurement contract by more than one entity. This can be achieved through either a joint approach to the market and/or where an entity establish a contract or standing offer arrangement that allows other entities access (often referred to as piggybacking).


Cooperative procurement makes better use of entities resources by reducing the number of administrative processes and sharing the procurement and contract management process workload. For example; efficiencies may be derived from conducting one procurement process and maintaining one contract in lieu of many. 

Entities may also be able to leverage better prices and services arrangements where they consolidate their procurement needs.


Entities should identify which cooperative model best suits their needs. Information and guidance is available Buying.

Entities may identify agencies through Annual Procurement Plans [external link icon], GovDex [external link icon], AusTender [external link icon] and through formal and informal networking channels.

The DHS print services arrangement is an example of cooperative procurement that originated in the DHS portfolio but, sought other interested entities input before agreeing the print services business requirements and subsequent approach to the market.


  • Multi entity approach to the market
  • Entity piggybacking clauses
  • Non-Mandatory
  • Entity initiate

Examples of Cooperative Procurement arrangements in place

Good or ServiceOverview


The P3M3 Maturity Assessment Consultancy Service Panel
Contact the Agency Capability Team at or phone contact
6215 1958.

Actuarial Services Panel


APSC Learning and Development Panel

Business Services Panel

eLearning Support Services and Solutions Panel

Research Services Panel

Access is open to NCCE and CCE [external link icon]

Print Services

A cooperative procurement. A Department of Human Services (DHS) contract that allows other agencies access.
General queries may be directed to: or 02 6155 0118

ICT Contracts (Source IT)

Source IT Model contract templates.


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