FAQs - International Travel Policy

Q1. What are the approval requirements for official international travel?

A1. Officials should refer to their entity's Accountability Authority Instructions (AAIs) for information regarding approval requirements that apply to international travel. As advised in WoAG Travel Advice 2015/02 (Changes to Official International Travel Policy), entities should have agreed their approval requirements for international travel with the relevant Cabinet Minister and reflected these approval requirements in their AAIs.

Q2. My entity is a Corporate Commonwealth Entity (CCE) – do the approval arrangements apply?

A2. Yes. The requirements of the Official International Travel Policy are mandatory for all participating CCEs.

Q3. What is the highest class of international air travel that should be booked by Australian Government officials?

A3. Business Class. Consistent with paragraph 6 of the Official International Travel Policy, officials are required to select a business class or equivalent class or lower class airfare.

Q4. A Remuneration Tribunal determination exists with respect to a senior executive of my entity. Do the requirements of the Official International Travel Policy on class of travel apply?

A4. Office holders subject to a Determination of the Remuneration Tribunal are encouraged to comply with the spirit and intent of the Official International Travel Policy.

Q5. Is the domestic leg of my international travel considered part of the international travel?

A5. Yes. Any domestic sectors flown within Australia (e.g. from Canberra to Sydney) to connect with an international departure are considered part of the international travel for reporting purposes. Entities should refer to their Accountability Authority Instructions (AAIs) and internal processes for more information regarding the permitted class of travel for domestic legs of international trips.

Q6. What are the IBF Booking Codes?

A6. The International Best Fare (IBF) Booking Codes identify the reason a fare is selected. When booking official international air travel, officials must identify the reason a fare is selected using the IBF Booking Codes. A table detailing the IBF Booking Codes can be found in the Official International Travel Policy. Reporting on the use of IBF (available to entities through QBT) assists with monitoring travel booking behaviour.

Q7. Do I have to identify an IBF Booking Code when booking international travel?

A7. Yes. When booking international travel, officials must choose the appropriate IBF Booking Code.

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