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Please read before submitting 


Contact details

You are required to notify the contacts you list that they will be contacted by one of our contractors in the coming months.

If a contractor is denied access by a contact on the basis that they are not the correct person to arrange such access, or because they were not aware of the existence of this project, then ICON reserve the right to increase the quote in order to cover the contractor’s lost time.

The onus will be put back onto you to arrange the access for the contractors should attempts via these listed contacts fail.

Your Requirements under Whole-of-Government arrangements

ICON will connect agencies ONLY to data centres that are listed on the Data Centre Facilities Panel (DCF Panel) and providers included on the Internet Based Network Connection Services Panel (IBNC Services Panel).

If this Work Request does not comply with requirements associated with these Panels your request will be forwarded to the appropriate area for consideration. Exemption is on a case by case basis. See more information on Whole-of-Government Procurement at the Department of Finance Website.


ICON is appropriate for transmission of data with a physical security rating up to PROTECTED, without the use of additional encryption.


ICON will always aim for full physical diversity for its network to ensure that agency clients have a safeguard against connectivity failure. Full diversity enables an agency to:

  1. Better manage its known risks (planned outages) where possible;
  2. Prepare for risks that they can't control (unplanned outages); and
  3. Respond and recover if a risk (e.g. an incident or crisis) becomes an issue.
Where do we go from here?
  1. Upon receipt of a completed Work Request, the ICON team will prepare and issue an approximate cost in the form of a budgetary estimate.
  2. ICON requires agency acceptance of the estimate in the form of an email.
  3. ICON will now commence design of the plans and initiates the formal client quotation process.
  4. Agency provides a Purchase Order for the quotation amount. If the amount is under $10,000 (Ex GST), a signed quotation will suffice.
  5. Upon receipt of the purchase order/signed quotation, ICON works can be scheduled with the allocated ICON contractor.
  6. ParlTV connections are charged anually by the Department of Parlimentary Services (DPS) not the department of Finance, please check for costs with DPS.

Time frames for completion of work are approximately 1 month from budgetary acceptance for splicing only and 3 months for Civils work, although this can vary with each project.

Approximate timeframes for splicing only is 1 month and for civil works is 3 months
I have read and understood the instructions as required
Full Physical Diversity
Full Physical Diversity
Does the Link/s have a physically diverse path:
Non Full Physical Diversity

Please read the following information carefully:

  • The ICON network will occasionally be subject to both planned and unplanned outages and during such instances my agency’s ICON connectivity may be disrupted for a period of time which cannot be pre-determined.

  • Maintenance of the ICON network will only be conducted during normal business hours scheduled in conjunction with other repair
    works being carried out at the time.

  • ICON endeavors to rectify service disruption on a best efforts basis, agencies without Full Physical Diversity may experience delays in
    service restoration. 

The Authorised Officer has read and acknowledged the above statement and approved the work to proceed, and has provided contact details for verification.
Non Full Physical Diversity - Risk acknowledgement by Authorised Officer for work request to proceed
Please Note: Full physical diversity can only be achieved by the presence of two diverse lead-in cables at both the A and B end of the link. If you only have one lead-in cable at one or both ends of the link, diversity can only be achieved from a point outside the building. Therefore your links will share a common point of failure outside the building for some distance.
Building floor and basement plans must be supplied and building access confirmed to the appropriate areas (e.g. basement, risers, communications room/s) prior to the initial ICON Design site inspection.
YES - Name of the carrier for diverse Link
Yes there is a Carrier for diverse link ...
Any other additional requirements
Please provide any additional details and requirements associated with your work request (for example: Known hazards, Access requirements, Preferred cabling size etc.)
Please specify the work required:
Please specify the work required:

Please fill in as much information as you can but leave blank any unconfirmed information, such as Building number or Cable ID. ICON will confirm these items with you during the design process.
DECOMMISSION - Links and/or Sites to be removed
Choose one or both:
Choose one or both:
Sites to Decommission
Please provide details
Address Contact Name Phone/Mobile Floor/Room, POD, Rack, RU, Cable ID Operations
(Charges involved) When a building is vacated by the entity. On submission of this form ICON will investigate if the cable must be removed from the building in addition to the link decommissioning process.
DECOMMISSION - Links and/or Sites to be removed

Please ensure that all active equipment has been unpatched at both ends of the link. Failure to do so will cause the decommission to be aborted and could incur a charge to the entity for a second attempt at the decommission process at a later date.