Accountable Authorities

Refer to PGPA Act, section 12(2).

Budget Process Operational Rules

Rules endorsed annually by Cabinet, which set out the major administrative and operational arrangements that underlie the management of the Budget process.

Capital Works

Capital works typically relating to the construction, refurbishment or repair of buildings or other structures.

Corporate Commonwealth Entities

Refer to PGPA Act, section 11.

Cost Benefit Analysis

A method of economic evaluation for projects, programs or policies that measures benefits and costs as far as possible in monetary terms.

Detailed Business Case

The detailed business case provides the Government with a comprehensive analysis of all viable options, risks and costs.

Embodied Emissions

Embodied emissions, also known as embodied carbon, is the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that are associated with the extraction or production, transportation, and disposal of a product or material.


Refer to PGPA Act, section 11.


The design and delivery of the interior partitioning, floor, ceiling, mechanical, electrical and environmental components to meet the requirements of the building’s occupants. This includes the customising and finishing of the base building (where base building is the raw floor space bounded by walls but not specifically adapted to the requirements of its occupants).

Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse gases are gases in the atmosphere such as water vapour, carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide that can absorb infrared radiation, trapping heat in the atmosphere. This greenhouse effect means that emissions of greenhouse gases due to human activity cause global warming.

For more information, see the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Initial Business Case

The initial business case outlines the possible benefits and costs associated with the project to secure approval from the Government to proceed to the second stage approval process.


A legal agreement made between the lessee and a lessor, which grants possession of a premises for a fixed period in exchange for the payment of rent. This includes any lease, crown lease, sub‑lease, heads of agreement, exchange of letters, memorandum of understanding, contract, licence or other arrangement to which a non-corporate Commonwealth entity (NCE) may occupy part or all of a building that is not owned by the NCE, or where possession and use of property is transferred for a limited period in return for rent. It excludes arrangements to hire venues on a short-term basis.

Lease Endorsement

The process for Finance Minister endorsement of leases for shopfronts and office accommodation that exceed $30 million in Whole of Life Costs.

Lease Notification

The process whereby entities notify Finance of a proposed leasing decision.

Leasing Strategy

The Whole of Government Leasing Strategy developed by the Strategic Property Advisor under the PSCP Arrangements. 

Local Impact Assessment

An assessment undertaken in the lease endorsement process to consider an NCE’s potential move and how it would adversely affect a local economy, transport and logistics infrastructure and/or give rise to adverse social and community effects. 

Memorandum of Understanding

Refer to PGPA Glossary.

New Policy Proposal

As defined in the Budget Process Operational Rules.

Non-corporate Commonwealth Entities

Refer to PGPA Act, section 11.

Occupational Density Target

The Government’s occupational density target is 14m2 per occupied workpoint. For an explanation on how the Occupational Density Target is calculated please see the Australian Government Property Data Collection Manual.


Refer to PGPA Act, section 13.

Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works (PWC) is constituted by the PWC Act. The Committee conducts inquiries into matters referred to it by the House of Representatives, the Senate or a Minister.


Infrastructure, land or buildings owned or leased by NCEs.

Property Services Coordinated Procurement (PSCP) Arrangements

Coordinated procurement arrangements for property services, including leasing services, property and facilities management services and ancillary services. The PSCP Arrangements are mandatory for NCEs. For more information, visit the Finance website.

Property Service Provider

Outsourced providers that are responsible for delivering leasing services, property and facilities management services and ancillary services to NCEs under the PSCP Arrangements.

Public Works

Refer to PWC Act, section 5AA.

P50 / P80

P50 and P80 refer to a confidence level regarding the probability of the cost not being exceeded.

Real Property

Real property refers to interests in land and the structures on it.

Strategic Property Adviser

Provider appointed by Finance to develop and maintain the Whole of Government Leasing Strategy under the PSCP Arrangements.

Two Stage Capital Works Approval Process

The Two Stage Capital Works Approval Process provides a methodical approach to developing the scope and cost estimate associated with a project, reducing risk and increasing cost certainty. 

Whole-of-Life Costs

Refer to paragraph 37-42. 


A desk, enclosed office or a counter where it would be reasonable to expect a person to carry out office work on an ongoing basis. This would apply to traditional, flexible or activity-based working fit‑out arrangements.


CCEs Corporate Commonwealth entities
CFO Chief Financial Officer
CMP Capital Management Plan
CNL Commonwealth National Lease
CPRs Commonwealth Procurement Rules
DBC Detailed Business Case
Defence Department of Defence
Finance  Department of Finance
GST Goods and Services Tax
IBC Initial Business Case
LAA Lands Acquisition Act 1989
MoU Memorandum of Understanding
NCEs Non-corporate Commonwealth entities
NPP New Policy Proposal
PGPA Act Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013
PSCP Property Services Coordinated Procurement
PSP Property Service Provider
PWC Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works/Public Works Committee
PWC Act Public Works Committee Act 1969
RMG Resource Management Guide
SA2 Statistical Area level 2
SPA Strategic Property Adviser
WoLC Whole-of-Life Costs

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