Commonwealth Awards for Excellence in Risk Management

The Commonwealth Awards for Excellence in Risk Management (the Awards) raise awareness of the significance of risk management across the Commonwealth by highlighting examples of best practice risk management.

From 2022, there will be a new award category in addition to the Enterprise Wide and Risk Initiative Category.

The ‘Risk in Focus’ category will identify a specific area of risk management to highlight each year. In 2022, the Risk In Focus Award will highlight Shared Risk – a key element of the new Commonwealth Risk Management Policy.

Benefits of participating

Award recipients and their entities are recognised at an Awards event in December of each year. The benefits of participating in the Awards include:

  • the opportunity to showcase the approach to risk management in your entity;
  • peer recognition of your commitment to risk management; and
  • the opportunity to receive valuable feedback from a panel of judges.

Award nominations inform the Comcover education program and facilitates continuous improvement in Commonwealth risk management practice.

Award Winners

Profiles and case studies of Award winners are available at the links below:

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