Comcover Education Program - A Strategic Perspective to Managing Risk

Strategic Perspective to managing risk

The SES Risk Management Professional Development Program: A strategic perspective to managing risk is a dynamic, interactive program to explore your ability to recognise key and emerging risk management issues, foster a positive risk culture in your entity and across the Commonwealth and provide risk leadership in your entity.

The program will help you recognise your risk appetite, how you approach risk and apply policy to respond to whole-of-government and shared risk activities. It also provides the benefit of networking and sharing your experiences with like-minded executives from across the Commonwealth.

The workshop is facilitated by a recognised risk management professional who has provided coaching and mentoring to public sector executives for over a decade. You will be provided with comprehensive resources, including case studies, policy guidance (including the Commonwealth Risk Management Policy), fact sheets and articles to review. To provide a strategic perspective for managing risk, Comcover also offers regular free seminars and forums to senior executives. These are regularly updated to ensure currency and relevance to the contemporary Commonwealth public sector context.

Target audience

Senior Executive Service officials


A Strategic Perspective to Risk Workshop: 4½ hrs, plus:

  • Pre-workshop reading / familiarisation 9.00am – 1.30pm light working lunch and refreshments provided


  • “Never thought I would find a course on risk management so interesting and engaging.”
  • “A very good program that demystifies the management of risk at the SES level. I would recommend to others.”
  • “It was great hearing experiences from others grappling with similar issues, thanks!”

How to register

Online at the Comcover Learning Centre Executive Pathway (user account required)



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