Australian Data Network

The Australian Data Network (ADN) is a forum for data practitioners across the Commonwealth, states and territories and local government to collaborate, learn from one another and engage in a professional community. It also provides opportunities for data sharing and for sharing information on data projects and data management practices.

ADN data sharing guidance and other information resources are publicly available on this website, and will be regularly updated with new material.

Joining the ADN

Interested government data practitioners can join the Network by registering with their .gov email address for the Data Profession members’ community. Registering gives you access to a range of data communities of practice. Once your Data Profession members’ community registration is approved, navigate to the ‘Communities’ tab and ‘request to join’ the Australian Data Network.

You can also contact the Data Policy Branch for more information on joining the Network at

On joining the Network, members are required to agree to the Membership Rules. Continuing to act in accordance with the Network’s membership Rules is a requirement for ongoing membership.


Data sharing for data custodians fact sheet

Provides information for data custodians to apply when considering data requests. This includes:

  • identifying the purpose of the data request
  • considering whether the data can be lawfully shared
  • conducting appropriate due diligence
  • communicating with the data requester. 

Data sharing for data requesters fact sheet

Provides guidance for a policy officer or data practitioner requesting data from another government agency. This includes defining the data project, checking whether relevant data is publically available, and ensuring appropriate data archiving and disposal procedures are agreed.

Intergovernmental agreement on data sharing fact sheet

Provides information on the IGA and principles government agencies should apply to their data sharing activities.

Approaches to enable share-one use-often data sharing fact sheet

This fact sheet provides guidance on three main principles to enable 'share-once-use-often' data sharing; publishing data as open by default, leveraging data intermediaries and using assets to meet data access and reporting needs. These principles aim to reduce the duplication of government data requests and to streamline internal government reporting processes.

Digital Inclusion Paper

This paper provides a snapshot of case studies highlighting the diversity of digital inclusion activities delivered by governments across Australia. The initiative found jurisdictions are delivering innovative programs designed to enhance citizen online engagement, and provide opportunities and remove barriers for digital equity and access.


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