Preventing, detecting and dealing with fraud (RMG 201)

The Minister for Justice has issued the guidance to assist accountable authorities to meet their fraud control obligations under the PGPA Act and section 10 of the PGPA Rule.

As the guidance has been issued by the Minister for Justice, the fraud control guidance is not the responsibility of the Department of Finance and is instead the responsibility of the Attorney-General’s Department (AGD). 

On the AGD Website’s Fraud control stakeholders and customers can find fraud control guidance including the following documents:

  • RMG-201 Preventing, detecting and dealing with fraud
  • The Commonwealth Fraud Control Policy

The purpose of this guidance is to promote high standards of governance, performance and accountability by establishing non-binding principles and processes for effective fraud control for all Commonwealth entities and their officials and contractors. It articulates the key requirements for establishing and maintaining fraud control systems, including prevention, detection and responses to fraud.

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