How to publish your corporate plan

Companies must publish their corporate plans on their website by the last day of the second month of the reporting period for which the plan is prepared. For most companies, this is 31 August each year.

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Giving Corporate Plans to the Responsible Minister and the Finance Minister

Directors are required to give a copy of the corporate plan to their responsible Minister and the Minister for Finance as soon as practicable after the plan is prepared and before it is published on their company’s website.

There is no legal requirement under the PGPA Act or Rule for the responsible Minister to clear or approve companies corporate plans. Companies should follow any arrangements that they have agreed with the relevant Minister’s office on finalising and publishing their corporate plans.

It is not necessary for companies to send copies of their corporate plan to the Office of the Finance Minister directly. Companies should forward a copy of their finalised plans to the Department of Finance by email to: 

This process will satisfy the requirements of the PGPA Rule to provide a copy to the Finance Minister.

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