One-off ad hoc grants

Important changes to the Commonwealth Grants Framework will come into effect from 1 October 2024.


This fact sheet explains the requirements for officials under the Commonwealth Grants Rules and Principles 2024 (CGRPs) for using one-off ad hoc selection processes when developing grant opportunities.

The requirements relating to one-off ad hoc grants are set out at paragraph 2.4c and the glossary in the CGRPs.

Using one-off ad hoc grants

  • The CGRPs make clear that competitive, merit-based selection processes should be used unless a minister, accountable authority or delegate has specifically agreed otherwise. You can read more about the principle of merit-based selection in the fact sheet on the 2 new key principles.
  • However, the use of one-off ad hoc grants may be appropriate when all the following circumstances apply:
  • there is an urgent need for payment to a person or organisation to address an unexpected or unforeseen need
  • there is no opportunity to establish a competitive or other non-competitive process to consider potential applicants
  • the grant will be made available only to one, or a very small number of, people or organisations, and
  • the grant is not expected to be repeated or made on an ongoing basis.

The decision to use a one-off ad hoc grant should be documented appropriately and the rationale for using this approach explained in the grant opportunity guidelines.

If a grant opportunity does not meet the requirements for a one-off ad hoc grant, you can use one of these selection processes:

  • open competitive (preferred)
  • targeted or restricted competitive
  • non-competitive, open
  • closed non-competitive
  • demand-driven.

Developing one-off ad hoc grant opportunity guidelines

Grant opportunity guidelines must be developed for all grant opportunities, including for one-off ad hoc grants.

Publishing one-off ad hoc grants on GrantConnect

One-off ad hoc guidelines must be published on GrantConnect, unless the Minister for Finance agrees to an exemption. Details of the grants awarded must also be published and linked to the published guidelines.

To seek an exemption from publishing, your minister must write to the Minister for Finance. Exemptions are limited to situations where publishing details could undermine the achievement of policy outcomes or where there is a specific policy reason not to publish.

Please contact to discuss any potential request for an exemption.

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