Commonwealth Contracting Suite - Terms of Use


The Commonwealth Contracting Suite (CCS) website is maintained by the Department of Finance (Finance). These Terms of Use govern all access to and use of the CCS.

By creating a CCS user account or accessing the CCS website you are agreeing to be bound by, and to comply with all your responsibilities set out in these Terms of Use.

We may change these Terms of Use from time to time and will advise registered users of any changes by email or other means.

If you have any questions or feedback about these Terms of Use, please email us at

Some of the words in these Terms of Use have a particular meaning. The meaning of these words can be found in the Definitions section at the end of this page. You should refer to the definitions section when reading these Terms of Use.


To create a CCS user account you will need to register using valid email. Accounts are automatically approved for users from Commonwealth entities using known Australian government email address domains. All other registrations will require approval by the CCS Team.

Your responsibilities

The CCS is a document creation tool developed and provided by Finance to assist government procurement officials to generate standardised procurement documentation. It is for use by officials for the purpose of conducting a procurement on behalf of an entity. The CCS should be used in-line with procurement processes within your entity.

By accessing the CCS website you agree to:

  • take reasonable steps to ensure your compliance with all relevant laws, rules, policies and guidance – this may include consulting the procurement advice area in your entity, where appropriate.
  • make sure any information you provide is true, to the best of your knowledge.
  • take responsibility for ensuring any documents drafted using CCS are made fit for purpose before being finalised, issued or executed.
  • not use the CCS for any other purpose other than that described here, unless approved by the CCS Team.
  • keep your account details secure and not share them with others.
  • advise the CCS Team as soon as you no longer require access to the CCS website.
  • maintain appropriate records in your entity’s records management system or other approved system.
  • comply with the APS Code of Conduct (or the relevant code of conduct for your local, state or territory workplace) in all your activities relating to the CCS.

Any violation of your responsibilities may result in the deactivation or deletion of your account. If you are unsure of any of your responsibilities when using the CCS then you should consult with the procurement advice area in your entity or email us at

Account inactivity

Your user account will be deactivated if you have twelve months or more of inactivity. If access is still required after that time, you can reactivate your account from the Create User Account form or by contacting


You may receive notifications or other types of communication:

  • by email to the address that you have provided in your CCS profile
  • via a banner placed on the website.

Emails we send to you will be from the following accounts; and We recommend that you add these addresses to the list of safe senders so that communications from us are not redirected to your junk mail.

Privacy and data retention

Any personal information you provide when using the CCS will be handled in accordance with our privacy statement.

Forms and documents saved within the CCS website are stored for 12 months from their date of creation. You should note that CCS is not an approved system for storing records and you are responsible for maintaining appropriate records in line with your entities processes.



means the Commonwealth Contracting Suite website (

CCS profile

means the information, provided by you, about you and your entity – which is stored with your user account and used to prepopulate forms

CCS Team, we, us, our

means the Commonwealth of Australia represented by the Department of Finance

CCS user account, account

means the account through which the CCS website can be accessed


means the Commonwealth of Australia represented by the Department of Finance

entity, Government entity

means Commonwealth entities and companies that are subject to the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013


means any officer, employee or other individual, acting in an official capacity for a Government entity

personal information

means personal information as defined in the Privacy Act 1988

registered user

means any person that has registered for a user account on the CCS website

you, your

means any person that accesses or uses the CCS website and includes a Registered User

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