Central Advertising System

The Department of Finance administers the Commonwealth Government's Central Advertising System (CAS), which is the coordinated procurement arrangement that consolidates government advertising expenditure and buying power to secure optimal media discounts on Commonwealth-wide media rates.

From 1 July 2018, Universal McCann (UM), a division of Mediabrands Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 19 002 966 001), is the Master Media Agency (MMA) to the Australian Government for an initial period of three years. UM is responsible for all campaign and non-campaign advertising planning and placement for the Australian Government.

The transition of advertising activities from dentsu X (previous supplier) to Universal McCann was completed on 30 June 2018.

Universal McCann has committed to supporting the key objectives of the Government's Advertising arrangement, which include:

  • delivery of a dynamic, innovative and flexible arrangement that provides Customers with highly effective, value for money advertising services
  • consistent delivery of high quality services across all Participants, and tailoring where appropriate
  • maintain open and effective communication
  • provide Finance (and Customers) with full transparency of pricing
  • represent the Commonwealth's interests and objectives

Non-corporate Commonwealth entities must place all of their advertising through the CAS. Other government organisations that can use and access the rates, terms and conditions that the Commonwealth has negotiated include:

  • Corporate Commonwealth entities and Commonwealth companies under the PGPA Act; and
  • organisations provided with Commonwealth funding for advertising or communications purposes.

Organisations seeking authority to access the CAS should contact the Government Advertising Arrangement Management team at advertising@finance.gov.au in the first instance.

Further Information

Further information on the advertising arrangement is available to participating Government Entities through:

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Last updated: 02 October 2018