Other CRF money

Money that forms part of the Consolidated Revenue Fund (CRF) other than:

relevant money or

any other money of a kind prescribed by the rules (section 105 of the PGPA Act).

Other CRF money provides for situations where a person other than an official of a non-corporate Commonwealth entity receives, holds or spends money that is part of the CRF. This is most likely where a person outside the Commonwealth is engaged as an agent of the Commonwealth to collect money payable to the Commonwealth and, potentially, make payments from the money collected.

Accountable authorities of non-corporate Commonwealth entities must ensure any arrangements relating to the use or management of other CRF money must comply with section 29 of the PGPA Rule.

For example an auction house could be engaged to sell surplus assets on behalf of the Commonwealth. Under the contract they are able to receive the proceeds of sale and take an agreed commission before returning the balance to the Commonwealth. In this situation, the auction house is acting on behalf of the Commonwealth in receiving and managing money that belongs to the Commonwealth (and therefore forms part of the CRF).

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