Cultural Networks

The Department of Finance has an engaged, proactive and supportive group of cultural networks. All staff are encouraged to join these networks, whether you identify, or as an ally.

Gender Equity Network

The Gender Equity Network aims to achieve gender equality through education and challenging unconscious bias within the Department and the community.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Network

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Staff Network supports new and existing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff and is an informal resource for staff to seek information on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander issues.

LGBTI+ Network

The purpose of the LGBTI+ Network is to provide a safe and supportive environment for all staff, regardless of sexuality or gender identity. The network raises awareness to improve the understanding of LGBTI+ issues through events and activities as well as contribute to policies, guides and procedures for an inclusive workplace.

Ability Network

The Ability Network is committed to recognizing, supporting and improving opportunities for people with disability and their carers. The network helps to create and sustain an inclusive workplace, increase disability confidence and awareness and leverage the skills and talents of employees with disability, their carers, and those with mental health conditions.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Network

The Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Network recognises all people from different backgrounds, and the different perspectives and experiences they bring. The network contributes to enabling a culture which encourages a diversity of positive contribution to Finance and facilitates a supportive, inclusive, empowered and respectful work environment.

Emerging Leaders Network

The Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) aims to unlock the potential of our emerging leaders. The ELN is open to all staff across the department, regardless of age. The ELN provides a great opportunity to learn new skills by participating in a range of new and exciting projects, network with peers across the department and build your career.

Social Club

The Social Club supports staff and business areas to run social events that benefit the Finance community through cultural, sporting and other social events.

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