Parliamentary Television (ParlTV)

ParlTV provides access to live televised coverage of the House of Representatives, Senate, and selected Parliamentary Committee hearings held in Australian Parliament House. ParlTV content is provided by the broadcasting section of the Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) and is distributed to Commonwealth entities via the ICON Network within the ACT region only.

ParlTV has 14 digital channels, which are carried over 4 Brocade Bandwidths. All internal ParlTV cabling is the client agencies’ own responsibility, agencies can also choose to arrange their own IP Streaming Equipment to access the service.

The ParlTV charging model is as follows:

  • Initial fees to install infrastructure and connect the relevant endpoints requested by the Commonwealth entity are charged on a full cost recovery basis.
  • Commonwealth entities are separately invoiced on an annual basis by DPS for content.
  • Costs associated with any fault repair that is not a failure of ICON equipment (misuse or damage) is passed through to the Commonwealth entity on a full cost recovery basis.
  • De-commissioning fees in relation to the removal of ParlTV infrastructure and disconnection of the relevant endpoints requested by the Commonwealth entity are passed through on a full cost recovery basis.

Information on the channels and display channels that ParlTV is currently being broadcasted on the ICON infrastructure is in the table below.

Carrier Channel #FrequencyDisplay Channel DescriptionDisplay Channel
49676.5House of Representatives37
Senate - EIP35
Committee Room - 140
Committee Room - 443
50683.5Senate Chamber38
Federation Chamber - EIP36
Committee Room - 241
ABC News 2424
51690.5Federation Chamber39
House of Representatives - EIP34
Committee Room - 342
Special Events Channel - 148
48669.5Committee Room - 544
Committee Room - 645
Special Events Channel - 249

Please note that the special event channels do not always carry the digital ID. You may need to do additional tuning if you have something you want to display that is on one of these channels. If the digital ID is live, you should only have to tune once.

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