Part 3 - Investment Implementation

A detailed implementation plan should be included as part of the information provided to support the final investment decision, including identification of capability gaps.

Implementation plans should explain the proposed governance arrangements, including clear lines of accountability and oversight.

  1. This may include oversight by bodies including Steering Committees and inter-departmental committees.

Commonwealth entities are responsible for ensuring appropriate mechanisms are in place to facilitate the successful implementation and asset management of the investment.

Implementation plans should be updated as the proposal is implemented to make sure it is up to date. Significant departures from the endorsed implementation plan, implementation challenges and emerging risks should be brought to the attention of the appropriate decision-makers.

Commonwealth entities should regularly monitor the progress of implementation, including tracking time, scope and budget:

  1. Implementation plans should clearly communicate performance evaluation metrics and reporting arrangements consistent with the PGPA Act.
  2. The continual identification and management of risks associated with the project and financing instrument should be integral in any reporting process.

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