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The CCS (for procurement under $1 million) streamlines and simplifies procurement processes.  It was designed to be consistent with the Treasury Legislation Amendment (Small Business and Unfair Contract Terms) Act 2015 External link, and creates uniformity across Commonwealth contracts to reduce the burden on businesses contracting with the Commonwealth Government.

The CCS is mandatory under $200,000 for all non-corporate Commonwealth entities except for specific situations as outlined in Resource Management Guide No. 420 – Mandatory use of the Commonwealth Contracting Suite for procurement under $200,000.  Corporate Commonwealth entities are encouraged to use best endeavors to apply the policy.

The mandatory components of the CCS are:

  • the Approach to Market (ATM) (incorporating the Glossary, the Commonwealth ATM Terms and the Response to the ATM); and
  • the Commonwealth Contract (incorporating the Glossary and the Commonwealth Contract Terms).

The CCS also incorporates a range of non-mandatory forms.

Note: The Commonwealth ATM Terms, Commonwealth Contract Terms and the Commonwealth Purchase Order Terms may not be changed and are non–negotiable. The Additional Contract Terms may be negotiated but any cost you incur for negotiation should be part of your value for money assessment.

The CCS documents are available via online smart–forms, refer to links above.

The Decision Tree smart–form includes relevant policy and process considerations in the correct order of precedence to ensure you are using the CCS appropriately.

To ensure official documentation is tailored to your specific procurement it is important to generate new documents by use of the online smart–forms for each new procurement activity undertaken.

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