The Fleet Contract

Responsibilities of the Australian Government Fleet, Agency Fleet Managers and sgfleet

The role of the AGF is to:

  • ensure that the services provided to agencies by sgfleet are consistent with the FSC;
  • manage a Monitoring Plan which contributes to ensuring that the service provided by sgfleet are consistent with the FSC;
  • meet regularly with sgfleet to address operational and contract management issues;
  • liaise with motor vehicle Manufacturers on pricing and service delivery matters;
  • provide advice and assistance to agencies on issues relating to the operation of the FSC; and
  • manage the Fleet Vehicle Selection Policy.

The role of the Agency Fleet Managers is to:

  • be responsible for the financial and operational aspects of their agency’s fleet;
  • when requested, provide advice to sgfleet about operational issues including vehicle ordering, vehicle return, vehicle servicing, vehicle over-utilisation and under-utilisation;
  • meet regularly with sgfleet to discuss the operation of the Agency’s fleet;
  • utilise sgfleet IT reports to optimise the operation of the Agency’s fleet;
  • provide advice to Agency officers about the operation of the fleet contract and (non-EVS) vehicle selection policies;
  • comply with policies regarding the Green Vehicle Guide target and use of ethanol blended fuel;
  • prepare agency-specific fleet management reports;
  • encourage good fleet management practices in the Agency fleet; and
  • liaise with the Australian Government Fleet as required.

sgfleet's role is to:

  • provide contractually specified vehicle fleet management and leasing services;
  • meet regularly with Agency fleet managers;
  • provide expert advice and assistance to Agency fleet managers;
  • provide up to date, accurate and accessible fleet management data; and
  • manage operational issues relating to the ordering, delivery, maintenance and return of leased and owned vehicles.

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Last updated: 11 June 2014