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As of 1 July 2015, ‘Gatekeeper’ is now the responsibility of the Digital Transformation Office

There is an emerging commercial provider market for a range of on-line services such as personal data vaults, digital mailboxes, data verification and authentication services.

The Third Party Identity Services Assurance Framework released on 24 September 2013 by Mr Glenn Archer, Australian Government Information Management Office provides a piece of the policy environment required to allow the development by the private sector and other government entities of the enabling ICT infrastructure of the digital economy.

The Framework establishes four Levels of Assurance (LoAs) and associated accreditation requirements for third party providers of digital mailbox services as well as a range of broadly defined identity services such as data verification and authentication services.

The whole of government accreditation process will enable providers to demonstrate their competence to deliver particular services at a specified LoA.  Accredited Providers are listed below.

The Framework is underpinned by existing Australian Government security frameworks and informed by existing policy frameworks such as the National e-Authentication Framework, the Gatekeeper Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Framework, and the National Identity Security Strategy. 

The Framework is broadly consistent with key international initiatives such as the US National Strategy for Trusted identities in Cyberspace and the UK's ID Assurance Program.

Directory of Service Providers Accredited under the Third Party Identity Services Assurance Framework

Service Providers undergoing Accreditation

  • Veda Advantage Limited
  • OneCheck Pty Ltd
  • Fuji Xerox Document Management Solutions Pty Ltd
  • ZipID Pty Ltd


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