Long Term Cost Reports for the Commonwealth Defined Benefit Superannuation Schemes

Every three years the Commonwealth publishes independent actuarial investigations for its major defined benefit superannuation schemes. These investigations are known as Long Term Cost Reports (LTCRs) and provides the public a detailed financial summary for each of the schemes. LTCRs are completed for the following schemes:

While based on the LTCRs, the superannuation liability recognised in the Budget differs from the LTCRs due to the exclusion of scheme costs belonging to non-Commonwealth entities and adjustments relevant to the current Budget period.

The financial information relating to these schemes as represented in the Commonwealth’s 2018-19 Budget can be found in Budget Paper 1 at:

  • Statement 6:   Expenses and Net Capital Investment, general public services and other purposes sections;
  • Statement 7:   Debt statement, Assets and Liabilities, liabilities section; and
  • Statement 10: Australian Government Budget Financial Statements, financial statements and notes 7 and 17.

Last updated: 04 July 2018