Resource Management Training Panel - Archived

To assist Commonwealth entities to provide resource management and risk management training to staff, Finance has established a panel of training providers that entities can engage to help tailor and deliver in-house training.

The training panel providers are:

These providers were involved in the design and development of the RMB training program. They are available if an entity would like to tailor and deliver training on:

  • the resource management framework:
    • legislative foundations of the resource management framework
    • appropriations
    • budget-related processes
    • key requirements for managing public resources
    • the procurement and grants frameworks
    • financial reporting
  • risk management:
    • risk management fundamentals
    • embedding a risk management framework
    • business continuity management
    • policy and project management
    • fraud control

To use one of the training providers, please contact

Note that from time to time Finance may also deliver some RMB training, primarily targeted at training trainers from entities and assisting small Commonwealth entities who do not have internal training resources.

Visit the Training page for further information on Finance’s other training programs.

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Last updated: 21 December 2016