17BF Disclosure requirements for government business enterprises

Changes in financial conditions and community service obligations

(1)       The annual report for a reporting period for a government business enterprise that is a corporate Commonwealth entity must include the following information:

  1. an assessment of:
    1. significant changes in the entity’s overall financial structure and financial condition during the period; and
    2. any events or risks that could cause financial information that is reported not to be indicative of future operations or financial condition;
  2. dividends paid or recommended in relation to the period;
  3. details of any community service obligations the government business enterprise has, including:
    1. an outline of actions the government business enterprise has taken to fulfil those obligations; and
    2. an assessment of the cost of fulfilling those obligations.

Information that is commercially prejudicial

(2)       However, information may be excluded if the accountable authority of the government business enterprise believes, on reasonable grounds, that the information is commercially sensitive and would be likely to result in unreasonable commercial prejudice to the government business enterprise. The annual report must state whether such information has been excluded.

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Last updated: 08 December 2016