17AF Report on financial performance

  1. For the purposes of subparagraph 17AD(c)(ii), the report on the financial performance of the entity for the period must include:
    1. a discussion and analysis of the entity’s financial performance during the period; and
    2. a table summarising the total resources of the entity, and the total payments made by the entity, during the period.

    Note 1: Guidance material for this section sets out the preferred format of the table mentioned in paragraph (1)(b).

    Note 2: The annual performance statements (which deal with the non‑financial performance of the entity) are dealt with in section 16F of this rule.

  2. If there have been or may be significant changes in financial results during or after the reporting period, or from the previous reporting period, the annual report must describe those changes, including in relation to:
    1. the cause of any operating loss of the entity, how the entity has responded to the loss and the actions that have been taken in relation to the loss; and
    2. any matter or circumstances that it can reasonably be anticipated will have a significant impact on the entity’s future operation or financial results.
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Last updated: 23 June 2017