Current as at 25 October 2017.

This is an online resource for officials to reference provisions of the PGPA Rule with links to related rules and guidance. Refer to the Federal Register of Legislation site for the most current version of the PGPA Rule External link.

In accordance with section 112 of the PGPA Act, the PGPA Act and the PGPA Rule are now subject to an independent review. A written report will be provided to the Finance Minister in early 2018 and tabled in Parliament.

Chapter 1—Introduction

Part 1 1—Introduction

Part 1 2—Provisions relating to the Dictionary in the Act

Chapter 2—Commonwealth entities and the Commonwealth

Part 2 1—Core provisions about Commonwealth entities and the Commonwealth

Part 2 2—Accountable authorities and officials

Part 2 3—Planning, performance and accountability

Part 2 4—Use and management of public resources

Part 2 5—Appropriations

Chapter 3—Commonwealth companies

Chapter 4—Miscellaneous

Chapter 5—Transitional and application provisions

Schedule 1—Listed entities

Schedule 2—List of requirements


Last updated: 08 November 2017