Overview of the PGPA Rule 2014

The PGPA Rule 2014 external link supports the operation of the PGPA Act.  In particular the PGPA Rule establishes accountability and control mechanisms to support the transactions of the Commonwealth and Commonwealth entities.

Summary of rules that apply to:

Rules that apply to all Commonwealth entities

9 lists people or groups of people who are officials for the purposes of PGPA Act
10 imposes duties on accountable authorities to prevent, detect and deal with fraud
12-16D clarifies officials' requirements to disclose interests
17 sets minimum requirements for establishing audit committees
17A clarifies the reporting requirements when an entity ceases to exist or functions are transferred
18 requires officials to record approvals to commit relevant money
19-21 requires officials to promptly bank any money received
26 sets the form for informing Parliament of certain events

Rules that apply to non-corporate Commonwealth entities

6 & 8 Schedule 1 lists entities and the accountable authorities of those entities for the purposes of the PGPA Act
7 lists law enforcement agencies for the purposes of the PGPA Act
11 requires accountable authorities to pursue the recovery of debts owing to the Commonwealth
22 sets out the authorised investments that may be made by the Commonwealth
24 sets the process for the Finance Minister to authorise discretionary payments (e.g. waivers, set-offs and act of grace payments) above $500,000
25 authorises amounts owed to person at time of death to be paid before probate
27 lists the types of receipts non-corporate Commonwealth entities can retain
29 and 29A sets requirements relating to the receipt, custody or expenditure of other CRF money

Rules that apply to corporate Commonwealth entities

5 identifies the corporate entities that are government business enterprises
21A authorises borrowing by corporate entities
22A sets out the authorised investments that may be made by the corporate entities
23 restricts corporate entities from insuring officials against liabilities arising from breach of duty
30 lists the corporate entities subject to Commonwealth Procurement Rules

Rules that apply to Commonwealth companies

28 sets minimum requirements for audit committees of wholly owned Commonwealth companies

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Last updated: 15 June 2015