80. Special accounts established by an Act

(1) If an Act (including this Act) establishes a special account and identifies the purposes of the special account, then the CRF is appropriated for expenditure for those purposes, up to the balance for the time being of the special account.

Note 1:An Act that establishes a special account will identify the amounts that are to be credited to the special account.

Note 2:An Appropriation Act provides for amounts to be credited to a special account if any of the purposes of the account is a purpose that is covered by an item in the Appropriation Act.

(2) If an Act allows an amount standing to the credit of a special account to be applied, debited, paid or otherwise used for a particular purpose, then, unless the contrary intention appears, the amount may also be applied, debited, paid or otherwise used in making a notional payment for that purpose.

(3) Whenever an amount is debited against the appropriation in subsection (1), the amount is taken to be also debited from the special account.

(4) The crediting of an amount to, or debiting of an amount from, a special account takes effect at the time an entry connected with the crediting or debiting is made in the accounts and records of the Commonwealth entity concerned.

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Last updated: 09 February 2017