55. Banking or dealing with relevant money


(1) A Minister who receives relevant money (other than relevant money that is to be held for the purposes of making payments in relation to the Minister’s official duties) must give the money to an official of a non-corporate Commonwealth entity as soon as is practicable.

Officials receiving bankable money

(2) An official of a Commonwealth entity who receives relevant money that can be deposited in a bank (bankable money) must:

(a) deposit the bankable money in a bank:

(i) within the period prescribed by the rules or, if the rules do not prescribe a period, as soon as is practicable; and

(ii) in accordance with any requirements prescribed by the rules; or

(b) otherwise deal with the bankable money in accordance with any requirements prescribed by the rules.

Officials receiving unbankable money

(3) The rules may prescribe matters relating to relevant money that:

(a) is received by an official of a Commonwealth entity; and

(b) is not bankable money.

Application of section

(4) To avoid doubt, this section applies to money that becomes relevant money on receipt by a Minister or an official of a Commonwealth entity.

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Last updated: 13 January 2016