Section 35. Corporate plan for Commonwealth entities

Commonwealth entities

(1) The accountable authority of a Commonwealth entity must:

(a) prepare a corporate plan (however described) for the entity at least once each reporting period for the entity; and

(b) give the corporate plan to the responsible Minister and the Finance Minister in accordance with any requirements prescribed by the rules.

(2) The corporate plan must comply with, and be published in accordance with, any requirements prescribed by the rules.

(3) If:

(a) a statement of the Australian Government’s key priorities and objectives is published under section 34; and

(b) the purposes of the Commonwealth entity relate to those priorities and objectives;

then the corporate plan must set out how the activities of the entity will contribute to achieving those priorities and objectives.

(4) However, if the Commonwealth entity has enabling legislation, then subsection (3) applies only to the extent that compliance with that subsection is not inconsistent with compliance with that legislation.


(5) If the Commonwealth entity has subsidiaries, the corporate plan must cover both the entity and its subsidiaries. In particular, for each subsidiary the corporate plan must include details of any matters prescribed by the rules, so far as they are applicable.

Variation of corporate plan

(6) If the accountable authority varies the plan, the authority must comply with any requirements relating to variations of corporate plans that are prescribed by the rules.

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Last updated: 24 November 2016