GrantConnect is the Commonwealth Government’s whole-of-government grant information system. It is a centralised web-based facility for publication of grants information on Forecast Opportunities (upcoming grants) and Grant Opportunities (current grants, open for application). GrantConnect provides a free, simple and effective service for all potential grant applicants to find and access grant opportunities and related grant documentation. Anyone can sign up to receive notification of all new Commonwealth grant opportunities, relevant to their interests, as they are published. 

Access GrantConnect for more information and supporting documentation External link icon. For further information on GrantConnect, contact

All non-corporate Commonwealth entities must publish on GrantConnect to meet the requirements under the Commonwealth Grants Rules and Guidelines (CGRGs).

In accordance with the CGRGs and Resource Management Guide No.421 GrantConnect: Publishing Grants, from 30 April 2017, accountable authorities and officials must use GrantConnect to publish:

  • all Grant Opportunities
  • all Grant Opportunity Guidelines (other than for ‘One-Off or Ad Hoc’ grants)
  • any alterations and addenda to Grant Opportunities and Grant Opportunity Guidelines.

GrantConnect is the authoritative source of information in relation to all Grant Opportunities and Grant Opportunity Guidelines. Entities may no longer publish Grant Opportunities and Grant Opportunity Guidelines documentation on their own websites.

Permitted Locations

Accountable authorities and officials may also publish the same, or a subset of, the information (Grant Opportunities and Grant Opportunity Guidelines documentation), as published on GrantConnect, on a permitted location. Where there are any inconsistencies, GrantConnect is the authoritative source.

The following are the permitted locations:

Entities may elect to publish on their websites reference to the grants information published on GrantConnect, provided they include a hyperlink to GrantConnect for the Grant Opportunities and Grant Opportunity Guidelines documentation. Entities that elect to do this must include reference to GrantConnect as the authoritative source.

Last updated: 03 January 2019