Strategic Review of Geoscience Australia

The Strategic Review of Geoscience Australia (the Review) was commissioned by the Australian Government in the context of the 2010-11 Budget.

The Review found that the products and capabilities of Geoscience Australia (GA) support the Australian Government across a wide range of policies that address nationally significant challenges in the management and exploitation of Australia’s natural resources.  The Review also found the main activities of GA have a sound basis in serving the Australian Government’s interests in facilitating resource development.

The Review recommended improvements to strategic planning, priority setting and performance reporting to improve management of competing interests in the deployment of geoscience resources and capabilities.  The Review also recommended a review of the current process for allocating offshore acreage exploration permits – a process which GA currently supports by providing fundamental geological and geoscience information, similar to a ‘prospectus’, to potential investors in exploration permits.

The Strategic Review can be accessed below:


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