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Review of Parliamentary Entitlements Committee Report April 2010

Appendix 4: Overlapping Entitlements

Instrument Clause Provision Applies to Comment
Remuneration Tribunal Determination 2006/18 - Entitlements Clauses 10.1 to 10.2. Provides residential telephone services and a dedicated data line to parliamentarians. All senators and members in their private residence. Overlaps with entitlement to mobile telephones under item 7(1), Part 1, Schedule 1 of the PE Act (Item 7).  Overlaps with residential entitlements provided to office holders under item 6, Part 2, Schedule 1 to the PE Act.                                               
PE Act Item 7(1), Part 1, Schedule 1.   The SMOS has approved office telephones, mobile telephones and BlackBerrys as electorate office equipment and facilities under item 7. All senators and members. Facilities provided under item 7 may be used for parliamentary, electorate or official business, but not commercial business.   There is an overlap between the equipment and facilities that are provided under item 7 and the historical rationale for providing electorate allowance.  Currently, SMOS approvals under items 7 and 5 are not routinely published (except where a circular announcing a decision is released).  
PE Act  Item 5, Part 2, Schedule 1. The SMOS has approved office telephones as office equipment and facilities under item 5. An opposition office holder, presiding officer or leader of a minority party at their office in a capital city. Overlaps telephone services provided for under item 7, particularly in joint electorate/office holder offices.  
PE Act  Item 6(1), Part 2, Schedule 1. Provides residential telephone services and a dedicated data line. A senior officer in Canberra and at their home base. Overlaps with clauses 10.1 and 10.2 of Remuneration Tribunal Determination 2006/18.  
PE Act  Item 6(2), Part 2, Schedule 1. Provides residential telephone services and a dedicated data line. A leader of a minority party, in Canberra. See comments for item 6(1).  This is an example of the framework appearing fragmented and complex, as special provision has been made for a very small number of people.  The rationale for distinguishing this provision from 6(1) is not clear and is not justified on the grounds of cost.
PE Regs. Regulations 3E and 3G. Mobile telephone services (including BlackBerrys) for use by personal staff. 3E:  Independents. 3G:  Leader of the opposition in the House; leader of the nationals in the Senate; Leader of a minority party; whips  
Executive Authority Equipment and services provided by portfolio agencies. Portfolio agencies provide ministers with additional telephones, mobile telephones and BlackBerrys. Ministers and parliamentary secretaries, for ministerial business. In many circumstances, there is an overlap between the facilities and equipment provided to a minister by a portfolio agency and those provided to him or her as a senator or member under item 7.  
Appendix 3: Entitlements Summary

Appendix 5: Travelling Allowance Claims during Election Campaigns


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