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Review of Parliamentary Entitlements Committee Report April 2010

Appendix 2: Issues Raised in Submissions

In October 2009, the Special Minister of State confirmed that public submissions were being invited by the Committee for the Review of Parliamentary Entitlements.  A range of individuals and groups, including government agencies, former and current parliamentarians and members of the public, made submissions to the review.

This appendix summarises the main issues raised in submissions relevant to the committee’s terms of reference.  The issues are divided into two sections:  Role and Remuneration of the Australian Parliamentarian; and Limitations of the Current Framework.

Role and remuneration of the Australian parliamentarian

Submissions covered a range of issues relating to the role of a parliamentarian and the difficulties in determining the appropriate ‘package’ of items that the various roles and responsibilities warrant.

Limitations of the current framework

Submissions also dealt with issues relating to the limitations of the current framework and made suggestions for improvement.

Appendix 1: Parliamentary Entitlements in Other Jurisdictions

Appendix 3: Entitlements Summary

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Last Modified: 2 June, 2010