Australian Government Response to the Productivity Commission Annual Review of Regulatory Burdens on Business: Manufacturing and Distributive Trades

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The Productivity Commission (PC) is undertaking a series of annual reviews of the burdens on business from the stock of Commonwealth regulation.

Minister Tanner released the Government Response to the PC report – Annual Review of Regulatory Burdens on Business: Manufacturing and Distributive Trades (the Report) on 18  March 2009. This report is the second in the series of five which also include:

  • primary sector (completed);
  • social and economic infrastructure services (to be completed in 2009);
  • business and consumer services (to be completed in 2010); and
  • economy-wide generic regulation and regulation not addressed earlier in the cycle (to be completed in 2011).

The Report sets out the PC’s responses to regulatory concerns identified through extensive consultations with business, government agencies and community groups. The Report examined a wide range of regulated schemes and activities in the manufacturing, retail and wholesale trade sectors. Issues identified include regulation of food manufacturing, therapeutic goods, chemicals and veterinary medicines, the environment and selected issues in the distributive trades (customs and excise administration and building products regulation).

Of the PC’s 23 responses, the Government has accepted or accepted in principle 19 responses. The remaining responses were either noted or not accepted.

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