The independent Review of Whole-of-Government Internal Regulation (Belcher Red Tape Review) - Application to corporate Commonwealth entities

Some Belcher Red Tape Review recommendations extends to corporate Commonwealth entities. These should be considered, as appropriate, in reviewing the entities governance processes and in identifying opportunities to reduce internal regulation for their entity. In particular entities should consider the cultural barriers that may prevent the implementation of sound internal regulation.

Recommendations relevant to Commonwealth entities

Corporate Commonwealth entities will want to assess whether there are issues in their portfolio to address and consider ways of ensuring best practice is embedded in their agency. The relevant Belcher review recommendations are:

  • applying the Principles of Internal Regulation to guide the development and assessment of internal regulation (1.1).
  • devolving decision making and acceptance of risk through application of the APS framework for optimal management structures, including review of delegations and maximising the opportunities for SES Band 1 and 2s to be responsible for strategic corporate decision-making (1.12, 1.14, 1.15, 1.16).
  • Finance working with entities to explore opportunities to streamline entity acquittal and reporting processes (4.2).
  • for Entities who apply the Commonwealth Procurement Rules, reviewing AusTender notification systems and processes to ensure appropriate approval and correct data entry with the minimum necessary process (5.5).
  • should entities wish to remove the need to report separately to Finance and to their portfolio department as part of whole-of-government monthly expenditure performance reporting, consider requesting Finance to provide to their portfolio departments view access to their information on the Central Budget Management System (10.1).
  • Entities:
    • examine their freedom of information (FOI) practices to ensure they impose the least burdensome mechanisms for responding to FOI requests; and
    • consider more active publication of information to decrease FOI requests (17.1).
    • reviewing human resource performance management system (including performance management, recruitment and dispute resolution) and evaluating whether alternatives would offer better value in improving performance for both the entity and the employee (22.5, 22.7, 22.9).

Last updated: 30 November 2015